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Spike, Buffy, Drusilla manip

Different variations of the first 3 manips in the set molded together:).... i'm quite happy with how they all turned out.


(i don't know what went wrong when i uploaded the images but some of them have had a green tinge added??? don't know what happened there. They're all supposed to be greyshaded like the first manip.)

Tags: buffy manip, dru manip, spike manip, spuffy manip

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    I absolutely love this :) I came across the Buffy base and thought the one of JM suited it best :) As usual if anyone needs a…

  • SMG manip

    I found this on my computer and thought i'd upload it :) Let me know what you think :)

  • Spike in car

    Just a quick manip of Spike before i go to bed :)

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